Restoration of a tiled stove

Entrusted to the Artisan stoves are fully restored in his workshop in Nancy; they go through the following steps :



It is carried out with meticulous. The tiles are marked and numbered before be deposited carefully ; a photo essay is directed as well as a "condition report"..


Each tile is emptied of its mortar ; It is a delicate step. It is then cleaned, examination and repair if necessary. Possible breakage are listed ; the gaps are filled.


Steel base, support of the stove, is rebuilt. The tiles are assembled in the respect of the tradition poeliere, by Stapling and using a specific mortar.

The home is constructed of refractory bricks. The warming tray is renovated. The metal parts are pickled and processed. The marble is eventually repaired, then surfaced and polished.

The baffles are shaped according to the ancestral techniques.


After color study, the times are treated to email cold or containing added pigments varnish. Brass parts are cleaned and polished.

After drying, the stove is installed at its owner, It is ready for use !

An antique comes to life !