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THE RESTORATIONThe restoration of a tiled stove

A restore from A to Z. Essential steps for optimal operation of your stove.


The restoration of a tiled stove


Being restored, A restore, for sale… the stove in all its States.


Research of stoves and cookersTo meet the demand of my clients I am constantly in search of new finds.

Jérôme CLAUDEL-Tamil SELVAN, The architect of the tiled stove, restoration and sale of antique tile stoves. (and wood stoves)

Jérôme Claudel-Tamil Selvan

Jérôme Claudel-Tamil Selvan

Like Camille CLAUDEL, the creation and the love of the beautiful is a family tradition.

Entrusted to the Artisan stoves are fully restored in his workshop in Nancy; they go through various stages: Disassembly, Repairs, Reassembly, Finishes, prior to be installed at the owner to work again.

Member of the ARAAP, Jérôme CLAUDEL carries out its work according to the rules of the art and the traditions of the masters stove fitting.

His achievements to breathe new life into antique pieces of heritage.The stoves are delivered and installed anywhere in France but also in the International.